About Bronze Affair

I always had an obsession with sunbathing. Whether it was at the beach, or on rooftops covered in baby oil, I laid out for hours with my girlfriends in search for the perfect glow. As I got older I realized how damaging the sun can be to your skin, I wanted to find a way to have nice glowing skin without compromising my health. In 2014 I was introduced to the spray tanning industry and I’ve been in love with it ever since. My passion and expertise for spray tanning kept growing; however, I felt like the products and services being offered in tanning salons that I visited were not the best quality. ​

Therefore, Bronze Affair© happened! After extensive research on the tanning salons in my area and the type of ingredients found in their solutions, I decided to go on a different route. My goal was simple: I wanted to provide good, clean, organic ingredients, carrying a nice scent and glow. As a frequent user of our own organic blends, I can attest to the quality of our skin-nourishing solutions, which are paraben-free, extremely lightweight, and possess a natural sweet scent.

In this day and age, providing organic and natural products is an important and valuable task. It is this same belief that separates Bronze Affair© from most tanning salons. What started as a quaint operation out of my parents’ garage now keeps expanding all over Southern California, spreading the word of a newer, faster, safer, all-natural, tanning experience!